Driver Evaluations

Have you or a loved one received a letter from the Medical Affairs Bureau of the RMV? We can help by providing a driving competency evaluation for you or a loved one to assist in maintaining a drivers license.

We recommend that an offspring or other close relative be present for the evaluation. It is important that a loved one observes the process.  When they read our evaluation,  they too can confirm the results and prepare to have a conversation with their loved one.  We also recommend the person being evaluated has had their PCP cleared them for driving and their eyes have been also checked and been given the clearance to drive. Letters from both doctors should be obtained and to be used with the RMV.

We will also provide a written letter within a few days with the results and our recommendation of whether or not the individual is safe to drive. This letter, along with the doctor letters above, can be used as a supporting documents for the RMV's Medical Affairs Bureau.


Au Pair / Nanny driving evaluations.  If you have someone driving your child(ren) around our local cities and towns and you want to have them evaluated by a professional driving instructor, please contact us. We can take them on your list of places you would like them to be evaluated on and to have them be aware of potential dangerous intersections and other potential hazards along the way. If you do not have a list we can certainly put them in various situations to demonstrate skills, control, judgement, and safety.  We handle all ages, driving experiences, and countries of origin.  


Please call our office at 781-729-1474 or email us your situation at and we will reciprocate.