About Middlesex Driving Academy

Why Choose Middlesex?

Driving is a lifelong skill and drivers education shouldn't be just about location, money, or where your friends are going. Remember, the potential for a problem can appear in a split second around every corner and intersection. Choose a school with a proven record, solid reputation, contemporary equipment both inside the classroom and the automobiles in service, and its longevity in the education industry.  A clear testiment is the large number each year of teens from families of first responders and Mass RMV Road Examiners that attend our Academy.

Also, think about this fact; we drive in miles annually with our students the equivalent of twelve round trips from Massachusetts to California! Talk about "are we there yet!" WOW!

We are committed to safety and are very experienced at this… Real-life experience brings drivers education to life. Our curriculum and how we present the mandatory material is chock-full of exciting lessons. We respect your time and commitment to being in our classroom when other responsibilities are on your list of things needed to be done.

At Middlesex Driving Academy, we work with all skill levels, all levels of motivation and interest, and those that are very nervous about the idea of driving on our roadways. We have instructors that are awesome through their interest in teaching and making sometimes a scary experience not so. We teach but also make the experience fun as well.

Middlesex Driving Academy is competitively priced. Our tuition includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of driving, 6 hours of observing, and a 2-hour parent class (unless you have a Parent certificate within the past five years or your other teenager(s) graduated from our academy). Please inquire with area schools with regard to their "hidden" fees! Compare us with what the other schools teach, their reputation, their "promises", their pricing, their lack of availability with regard to driving and observing hours, even their ability to return a call, text, email, and office hours. Our Office staff you will find patient and very thorough answering your questions... do look at our FAQS page...it's awesome too! You will find we do not cut corners, and we deliver on our promises. Your time and more importantly, your teenager's life is too valuable.

We really try to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to teach people how to be lifelong safe drivers, not just how to pass a road test. We're very good at this and do it every day for drivers of all ages. How do we do it? We believe that the best way is by building a proper traffic safety foundation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

You will find that all our instructors have the ability to create an ideal balance of focus and ease for each classroom and road session. Whether you are about to get your permit, are new to driving in the Commonwealth, or are a middle/senior age adult needing some help getting comfortable behind the wheel again, we at Middlesex Driving Academy are ready to assist with great interest. 

Have a question? Call us, write us, text us, or even swing by and meet us! We're a friendly group!